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Every spring, summer, and autumn, interns from The Washington Center become part of the PAHEF team for several months. They gain real-world experience by actively participating in a variety of projects with the Development Department.

"I absolutely loved working at PAHEF last summer! The opportunity to work directly with Dick Salvatierra and Edward Kadunc, along with everyone else at PAHEF, allowed me to develop a variety of professional skills and have experiences that I will remember forever.

While working at PAHEF, I did not feel like an intern—I felt like a staff member. There was none of the 'busy-work' that interns usually are required to complete. At PAHEF, we were given 'real' projects that would have a 'real' impact on the future of the foundation. Ultimately, PAHEF is a great place to intern."

Sarah Gabriel
Wake Forest University, Class of 2010

"From my very first day at the Pan American Health and Education Foundation, I was entrusted with meaningful tasks and given the responsibilities of a full-time employee. PAHEF provided me with a great learning experience, a window into the working-world, and the opportunity to work with dedicated and energetic people. I can sincerely say that my time at PAHEF was well-spent, a statement that many interns at other organizations cannot make." 

—Taylor Hull
University of Richmond, Class of 2009

"There was a lot to like about this internship. Dick and Genevieve treat the interns like a part of the team and rely on them as such. I was able to sit in on meetings with corporations including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Grupo Bimbo, and Kraft as well as meetings with the IDB. I was able to practice my research and writing skills providing summaries regarding various corporate corporate social responsibility initiatives as well as foundations. 

Further, I was able to learn more about the state of international health and the politics of the nonprofit and governmental sectors. One thing that I really enjoyed about the internship is that you get what you put into it."

—Jessica Peterson
University of Montana, Class of 2011

"As a Development intern at PAHEF, I have been privileged to be supervised by both Mr. Richard Salvatierra and Ms. Genevieve Hernandez. With their excellent mentorship, I have written original concept papers that discuss strategies to combat health concerns in the Americas. These include issues such as chronic childhood malnutrition in children, the reduction of dietary salt intake to prevent chronic diseases, and cervical cancer awareness amongst girls and young women.

I think that what distinguishes an internship opportunity at PAHEF is the fact that interns are treated like full-time staff. I was given the autonomy necessary for me to perform the duties that I was assigned, while simultaneously having the constant support and guidance of my supervisors."

—Kelly Tay
National University of Singapore, Class of 2010

"As one of the students who was given the opportunity to intern at PAHEF, I cannot begin to express the amount of knowledge and skills that I gained during my time at the foundation. Unlike the typical tasks that interns generally receive, from day one I was given projects that allowed me to become familiar with concepts such as corporate social responsibility initiatives and see first-hand the impact that responsible companies make on the communities where their employees and customers live.

As a pre-medical student, this internship has provided me with a strong foundation that will allow me to further achieve my goals of attending medical school and start working for an international organization. If you want to be treated as a professional and love a challenge and new opportunities, then this is the place for you. I feel extremely thankful for the opportunity to intern at PAHEF, and I know you will be too!"

—Melisa Kulauzovic
University of North Florida, Class of 2010

"Many internships require interns to file papers and make copies, but PAHEF treats their interns as real staff members and gives them meaningful tasks. Whether meeting with the vice president of a major corporation or researching grant opportunities, PAHEF gives you a true firsthand work experience. With the skills I’ve gained from the projects I’ve been assigned, I feel that I have gotten the best experience I could have! It really meant a lot to me that I was treated like staff, and I know that anyone else who chooses to intern with PAHEF will have an equally great experience."

—Dana Elyse Sciamarelli
Cabrini College, Class of 2011


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