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The Awards for Excellence in Inter-American Public Health Program

Each year, the Pan American Health and Education Foundation presents five international awards that recognize excellence in inter-American health, community service, health literature, veterinary public health, and bioethics. These awards honor dedicated professionals who led the way in advancing health conditions in the Americas during the last century. The awards help stimulate the growth of the next and rising generation of leaders working together to improve health and health care in the Americas.

The Awards for Excellence in Inter-American Public Health Program is a partnership between the Pan American Health and Education Foundation and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). For each award, there is a jury of distinguished public health professionals that reviews nominations and recommends a candidate to the board of trustees of the Foundation for final selection.

Recipients of each award are recognized with a Certificate of Honor, a cash prize, and a paid trip to Washington DC.

You are invited to participate in nominating candidates for these Awards.

Remarks on Leadership and Bioethics award winners

Impressive is the decision of the Foundation to offer two awards today, seemingly divergent at first thought, but yet remarkably insightful for contemporary fusion of efforts. Acknowledging today’s Health Leadership in Ricardo Uauy is acknowledging the progress – which is fast-moving - in understanding hard science of modern nutritional biochemistry & innovative biomedical research, plus a drive for life-long learning & administrative excellence. Acknowledging Patricia Sorokin’s Bioethics Leadership acknowledges a progress –historically much slower-moving than that of the hard sciences - in understanding human sociology & psychology sciences in a newly-ignited drive for a similar contemporary learning in modern biomedical ethical dilemmas, dilemmas crafting beyond politics, religion, or business-as-usual. The Foundation innovatively brought these awards together, and it seems virtually certain that today’s awardees will cross-fertilize - and challenge – each other’s disciplines to make our hemisphere & world an exciting continuum of taking both slow- and fast-evolving efforts to optimal quality efforts.

Dr. Charles Mize, MD PhD
Pediatric Genetics, Biochemistry, & Nutrition
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