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Guidelines and Form

Please read carefully the following guidelines as the process to submit nominations has changed. For 2009 all nominations must be submitted through our on-line application form.

Through May 1, 2009, the Foundation invites the deans or directors of Latin American and Caribbean schools of veterinary medicine and animal sciences to nominate an undergraduate student (a bachelor's degree or Licenciatura) who has prepared a scientific paper or an undergraduate research thesis within the veterinary public health field. The research thesis should cover zoonoses, food protection, animal health and production, development of biomedical models (animal research models or in vitro substitutes), animal husbandry (zootechnics), biology, food animal technology, or environmental protection related to livestock or other domesticated animals. The research paper/thesis must have been written within the last three years. The maximum number of research papers that will be accepted for nomination from any one school is three. 

Staff members in active service of PAHO, WHO, and other UN agencies staff; current official representatives to PAHO's governing bodies (i.e., Ministers of Health), sitting members of the Foundation's Board of Trustees, and members of the Pedro Acha Award Jury are ineligible to receive the award.

To be considered, the nomination must be completed on-line in its entirety and should be only in English or Spanish.

To make an on-line nomination, please

The letter must include the name of the undergraduate student whose paper is being nominated and the name and title of the student's advisor; it must also be signed by the dean or director of the school of veterinary medicine and animal sciences in Latin America or the Caribbean.

Submitted items other than the letter and completed nomination form will not be considered by the jury. Nominations must be received no later than May 1, 2009. Please do not send nominations received after this date as we will not accept them.

PAHEF reserves the right to publish the winners’ speech, such as post it on the foundation’s website, and to quote from it and the research thesis in all communications, e.g., press releases.

Thank you for your interest in the Awards for Excellence in Inter-American Public Health Program.

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