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Patrulla Aérea Colombiana-Antioquia from Colombia

Colombian Voluntary Health Organization Serving Remote Areas Honored with the Clarence H. Moore Award for Voluntary Service

The Pan American Health and Education Foundation, an independent philanthropic organization, recognized the Clarence Moore Award to Patrulla Aerea Colombiana- Antioquia (PAC) for its outstanding volunteer work improving the health of inhabitants in remote areas of Colombia. Patrulla Aérea Colombiana-Antioquia, founded in 1965, provides medically-equipped, small planes and pilots to fly voluntary physicians and paramedical personnel to provide health services and programs to people living in remote regions of the country.

Dr. Mirta Roses, Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), presented the Moore Award to Mr. Mauricio Echevarria, President of Patrulla Aérea Colombiana- Antioquia, on 28 October, 2003. The ceremony was held at the School of Medicine, Universidad de Antioquia in Medellin. She spoke to the distinguished public health leaders in attendance about the notable volunteer work of this non-governmental organization. National health and local authorities who attended the ceremony were Dr. Juan Gonzalo López, Vice Minister of Health and Social Well-being, Dr. Eduardo Alvarez, PAHO/WHO Representative, Dr. Gabriel Jaime Guarín, Secretary of Health of Antioquia, Dr. Oscar Sierra, Dean, School of Public Health of the University of Antioquia, among others distinguished authorities of the health sector.

The Moore Award consists of a certificate of merit and $2500. The Foundation grants the award annually to a nongovernmental or private, national or local volunteer organization of Latin America or the Caribbean, or to individuals affiliated with them, whose work has resulted in outstanding contributions in public health. Clarence H. Moore was a distinguished public administrator serving in the United Nations, PAHO, and the Foundation. A man of high idealism and altruistic motivation whose formative years were colored by the Great Depression, he believed that collective action, both through the public sector and on a voluntary basis, could play a leading role in fighting poverty and maintaining human dignity.

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