The Abraham Horwitz Award for Excellence in Leadership in Inter-American Public Health

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The Abraham Horwitz Award for Excellence in Leadership in Inter-American Public Health, created in 1975, recognizes leadership that has changed lives and improved health of the people of the Americas. This award honors creative public health leaders whose commitment and contributions to public health stimulates region-wide improvements in the lives of the peoples of the Americas, as well as excellence among their peers, staff, and other public health professionals. In addition, the award calls attention to health concerns throughout the Hemisphere, and is intended to inspire continuing achievements in region-wide health by professionals.

The Abraham Horwitz Award was created to honor the lifetime accomplishments of Dr. Abraham Horwitz, former Pan American Health Organization director and later Pan American Health and Education Foundation president. Like Dr. Horwitz, past winners have selflessly served the public's health, championed change, and managed risks, all for the enhancement of health beyond their own borders. They have lead by example and participate willingly in hands-on public health work, be it examining and treating patients, assessing the environmental health status of a community, analyzing health statistics and studying the distribution of diseases across the region, or controlling the vectors of tropical diseases.

Watch an interview with Dr. Paulo Buss, the 2012 award recipient (in Portuguese):

The award is one of six in the PAHO/PAHEF Awards for Excellence in Inter-American Public Health Program, which was established in 1975.

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