Donate to the Indigenous Health Fund: José M. Periago

The multicultural and multilingual indigenous populations in the Americas face tremendous adversity and challenges, and social, cultural, and spiritual factors continue to result in significant health inequities. The poorest and most disadvantaged populations have poor access to needed services, and proven health approaches are often not culturally sensitive and thus fail in these communities. Working with nongovernmental organizations in the countries, PAHEF is providing health education in native languages and helping health care providers to learn how to overcome barriers to health care. Your gift can help make these inequities history.

Your gift can help improve the lives of indigenous people in the Americas.

Former PAHO Director, Dr. Roses’ only son, José Manuel Periago, passed away in Havana, Cuba on January 9, 2005. The Indigenous People’s Fund was established within PAHEF in August 2004 with an original donation by Dr. Roses. The fund represents her deep commitment to equity and assistance for the poorest of the poor in our hemisphere. The fund was renamed In Memoriam of Jose M. Periago for the Health of Indigenous People and the PAHEF board made a donation. In August 2007, a grant was approved to support five scholarships for the first year of training at the University of the Autonomous Regions of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua (URACCAN) leading to the Specialization in Intercultural Management of Health. The project was completed successfully.

A Sample of Recent PAHEF Projects in the Region