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Funding Opportunity: Dengue Prevention and Control


Title: Project to Strengthening the Integrated Management Strategy for the dengue prevention and control (IMS-Dengue) in the Americas. This is a collaborative effort of PAHO/WHO, to support countries in the Region to fight against this disease.

Goal: To have an updated Dengue Regional Program, competent and effective in the  delivery of technical cooperation for the adequate management and control of dengue, with emphasis on the subject matters that make up the IMS-Dengue: Program management, epidemiological surveillance, Integrated Vector Management (IVM), clinical management of cases, environmental health issues, social communication and good laboratory practices for effective diagnosis.

Purpose: To review, update and strengthen all the components of the IMS-Dengue, with special emphasis on upgrade the Dengue Laboratory Network of the Americas (RELDA, for its acronym in Spanish) capacities, in order to develop recommendations for the implementation and monitoring policies and strengthened strategies for the prevention, management and control of the disease, including the possible inclusion of the dengue vaccine as an additional tool, and establishing an adequate impact monitoring.

Expected results:

1. Integrated Management Strategy for dengue prevention and control  (IMS-Dengue) revised, updated, adjusted and strengthened, incorporating the best lessons learned from both, the health sector and other strategic partners.

2. National reference laboratories of dengue in the Americas with updated and established diagnostic capabilities for timely virological surveillance, using the most advanced technology available, including real time
Reverse-Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction (qRT-PCR), keeping the required quality and monitoring the viral serotypes circulation in the Region.

3. Genomic map of dengue virus (DENV) developed and systematically updated for the Americas (sentinel surveillance); to complement the regional epidemiological profile and develop the ability to analyze and identify possible relationships between the various clinical manifestations of the disease and the different viral genotypes.

Place and Time:The benefits obtained and the activities of this project will be developed in all the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, through the National Dengue Programs and RELDA. This work will be supported and coordinated by the PAHO/WHO Dengue Regional Program, the WHO Collaborating Centers for Dengue in the Americas, and allied institutions and RELDA members.


Duration: 24 months (October 2013 - September 2015)


Cost:  $624,890 total

Two funders: $312,445

Three funders: $208,296.70


Download the complete proposal here.


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