PAHEF is a Partner in World Diabetes Day Event in Mexico City

running-for-webPAHEF is proud to be a major partner in the Caminata y Paseo Ciclista por la Cura de la Diabetes (Walk and Cycle for a Diabetes Cure) event that will be held on World Diabetes Day in Mexico City. The event will take place November 14th and encourages families, students, professionals, and all members of the general public to get involved to raise funds for a diabetes cure.


The event is expected to attract more than 1,000 participants—all of whom will engage in physical activity to raise awareness of how exercise and education play key roles in combating diabetes. By joining together in solidarity, participants will advance the messages that:

1) A healthy lifestyle is key to diabetes prevention
2) If you are diabetic, manage your diabetes to stay as healthy as possible

PAHEF’s Commitment to Chronic Diseases
The partnership is a natural fit for PAHEF. The Foundation has supported a variety of activities to reduce the incidence of chronic diseases in Latin America, often by teaching children smart eating and exercise practices they can implement their entire lives. This pro-active approach helps prevent chronic diseases before they start and creates healthier future generations.

PAHEF also is addressing chronic diseases along the U.S.-Mexico Border as a partner in a project to build a Center of Excellence. The center will provide quality education and training for health professionals and community outreach workers with an emphasis on chronic disease prevention and control as well as management of the needs of border populations.

Additional Participating Partners
The Fundación Investigación en Diabetes (FIND) has organizad Caminata y Paseo Ciclista por la Cura de la Diabetes and other participating partners include: Kraft Foods Inc., Eurovale, Universidad La Salle, Universidad del Valle de México, Colegio Vistahermosa, Novo Nordisk, and Grupo Juvenil de Apoyo.

Visit the event’s official Web site.

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