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Register Now for PACO III

PACO III, the Third Pan American Conference on Obesity, takes place in Aruba June 6-8, 2013.

PAHEF will be holding a special workshop during the conference: Building training capacity for addressing the obesity epidemic in the Americas.

Current and former PAHEF Board Members, Professors Gilberto Kac (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), Fernando Mendoza (Stanford) and Rafael Pérez-Escamilla (Yale) will each be leading a session during the workshop.

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Learn more about the special International Journal of Obesity Supplement – guest-edited by PAHEF board members.


Background: Obesity is caused by numerous interrelated environmental, population, familial, and individual level factors that act at different levels of the social-ecological model. Addressing the obesity epidemic requires the training of interdisciplinary teams under a well-coordinated capacity- building strategy. Consequently, the training approach needs to build strong inter-disciplinary problem solving and team-building skills among early career scholars that are likely to provide central leadership in the future. At this workshop, PAHEF will present its vision in this area, will learn from the experiences from other key actors in the Region, and will serve as a facilitator to start a process that could improve the capacity to deal with the obesity epidemic throughout the Americas using evidence-based training approaches.

Specific Goals of the workshop:

  1. Identify training needs and models for addressing the obesity epidemic in the Region.
  2. Share best practices training models targeting early career scholars.

Register for the conference today via the PACO website.

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