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International Journal of Obesity Guest-Edited by PAHEF Board Members

Just ahead of PACO III, the Third Pan American Conference on Obesity, in Aruba (June 6-8), a special International Journal of Obesity Supplement – guest-edited by PAHEF board members Dr. Rafael Pérez-Escamilla and Dr. Gilberto Kac – has been published.

The supplement is titled "Preventing Childhood Obesity in the Americas: The Life-Course Framework" (Volume 3, Issue S1, June 2013).

The contents include:

  • Introduction: Proceedings of the Second Pan American Conference on Obesity with special attention to childhood obesity and a workshop, 'Education for childhood obesity prevention: A life-course approach' -- R Visser and R L Atkinson
  • Childhood obesity prevention: a life-course framework -- R Pérez-Escamilla and G Kac
  • Nutrition transition and obesity prevention through the life-course -- G Kac and R Pérez-Escamilla
  • Brazil's national programs targeting childhood obesity prevention -- A C F Silva, G A Bortolini and P C Jaime
  • Public health strategy against overweight and obesity in Mexico's National Agreement for Nutritional Health -- L Latinovic and L Rodriguez Cabrera
  • The epidemic of childhood obesity in the Americas must be stopped: Governmental and PAHO leadership are crucial -- E Jacoby, R Grajeda, A Contreras and J Hospedales
  • Conclusion: Education for childhood obesity prevention across the life-course: workshop conclusions -- R Pérez-Escamilla, J Hospedales, A Contreras and G Kac

PAHEF would like to thank the editors and all the authors - including our colleagues from PAHO, Brasil, Mexico and Minister Visser from Aruba - for their hard work on the supplement.

We look forward to sharing more of their work from their workshop, Building training capacity for addressing the obesity epidemic in the Americas, at PACO III next month!

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