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“SE(X) TU MISMO” is an initiative that seeks to promote the interchange among youth about sexual and reproductive health topics

This initiative will culminate during “Teen Pregnancy Prevention Day” September 26, 2010


Bayer, MTV, PAHEF, and the OIJ are returning to unite strengths in 2010 to create awareness among youth about sexual and reproductive health through their initiative “se(x) tu mismo.” This year, the campaign centers around giving youth a space to express their opinion on what their responsibilities are with respect to sex to prevent an unplanned pregnancy and the contraction of a sexually transmitted disease.

On the campaign’s Internet site “Se(x) tu mismo,” youth can participate by responding to a survey and uploading to the www.sextumismo.com Web page their videos, comments, ideas, photos, and questions on how they define and interpret their sexual responsibilities and how these impact their decisions and actions. Are youth: Responsible for asking adequate questions? Responsible for informing themselves about sexually transmitted diseases? Responsible for conversing with their partner and their doctor? Responsible for becoming familiar with contraception options? Youth will have an opportunity to express their opinions and answers to these and other relevant questions at www.sextumismo.com.

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2010 - PAHEF y el Dia Mundial de Prevencion del Embarazo no Planificado en Adolescentes from PAHEF on Vimeo.

MTV will air spots from this initiative between June and July 2010 to invite youth to participate. The most creative responses will be part of three public service announcements entitled “Let’s Learn about Our Sexual Responsibilities,” “Let’s Talk about Our Sexual Responsibilities,” and “Let’s Protect Ourselves by Being Responsible,” that will be aired by MTV on television and on its Web site between August and September of this year.

Youth can vote for the best responses at the Web site www.sextumismo.com. The chosen responses will be part of an MTV program special with youth and the MTV Senior News Correspondent Ilana Sod, which will air September 26 to celebrate the “Day of Prevention of Unplanned Pregnancies in Adolescents.”

This initiative will be developed in collaboration with MTV Latin America, Bayer Latin America, as a part of its campaign of social corporate responsibility on sexual and reproductive education; the Pan American Health and Education Foundation (PAHEF) and the Organización Iberoamericana de la Juventud (OIJ).

“We are very happy to be able to bring this initiative to youth in Latin America again,” commented Mario Cáder-Frech, vice president of public affairs and corporate social responsibility for MTV Networks Latin America. The campaign ‘Se(x) tu mismo' again will give a platform where youth can openly express what they feel with respect to sexual responsibility.”

“We are proud that Bayer can participate once again in the educative program ‘Se(x) tu mismo’ allied with MTV, PAHEF, and the OIJ. In order to be able to support the youth in making responsible decisions about their sexuality, we should start by listening to them to understand what they think about this topic and how it affects their decisions and behaviors,” explained Anita Kraker von Schwarzenfeld, regional director of marketing of female contraception for Bayer Latin America.

“As an industry leader in contraception and female health, Bayer supports this program as a part of its pledge to offer resources to Latin American youth that allow them to decide how to lead their sexual life in a responsible way and learn from the experiences of other young people. We believe that both people involved in a sexual relationship should take responsibility choosing and using of the birth control method. It is easier to make decisions when options exist than to deal with unplanned consequences. For this, it is important that youth turn to a doctor to obtain adequate and appropriate information.”

“For the third consecutive year, the Pan American Health and Education Foundation is proud to be a partner in El Día Mundial de Prevención del Embarazo no Planificado en Adolescentes. This year the campaign focuses on the importance of our young people taking the initiative and the responsibility for their sexual activity in order to prevent an unplanned pregnancy and the contagion of a sexually transmitted disease. This is achieved by considering the available options through a physician that will provide adequate information for each unique case.  In addition to participating in this campaign, PAHEF has supported projects that focus on reproductive health, sexual education, and family planning in Colombia, Guatemala, the Amazonian basin, and the Altiplano. ” says Edward L. Kadunc, president of the Pan American Health and Education Foundation (PAHEF).

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