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The Pan American Health and Education Foundation (PAHEF) has partnered with Bayer, MTV Latin America, and MySpace in “The Big Question” (La Gran Pregunta) initiative. This initiative promotes the exchange among youths about sexual and reproductive health topics.

The best answers to the questions on MySpace also will be published on this Web site, on-air on MTV, and on the "It's Your Life” campaign Web site.

MTV, Bayer, and MySpace unite forces to create awareness among youth about sexual and reproductive health through its initiative “MTV The Big Question.”

The Big Question is a forum where youth can participate by uploading to the Web page comments, ideas, and related questions on different topics about sexual and reproductive health that concern them, like access to education, myths, adolescent pregnancy and sexuality, among other topics.

MTV will transmit spots from this initiative between June and September of 2009. In each spot, information will be provided about the Web site where one can upload the answers and where youth will find a video in which MTV reporter Ilana Sod explains the process: cybernauts will be able to load images, text, or a video that responds to the presented questions to the Web site.  Also, youth will be able to answer a survey on the Web site about sexual and reproductive health.

Youths will be able to vote for the best answers on the Web site.  The chosen answers will be the topic of the “Sex Tu Mismo” debate that will be aired in a half-hour time slot on MTV toward the end of June.  These answers also will be part of a spot that will air in September to celebrate the Día Mundial de Prevención del Embarazo no Planificado en Adolescentes. Thanks to the Latin American Youth Organization, a summary of this initiative will be presented before the assistants of the XIX Latin American Heads of State and Government summit, whose focus this year is the Adolescent Pregnancy and Sexual and Reproductive Health. The summit will take place in Lisbon, Portugal in November 2009.

The questions will develop from collaboration with PAHEF (Pan American Health and Education Foundation) and UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund), and will cover different topics about sexual and reproductive health related to youth, that include among others, adolescent pregnancy, HIV prevention, myths, and access to sexual education.

“We are excited to have so many partners from the private sector, like NGOs involved in this study to achieve a neutral and balanced sexual education in the youth,” commented Mario Cader-Frech, Vice President of Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility for MTV Networks Latin America.

“It is an honor for Bayer to participate in the educative program “The Big Question” along with MTV, PAHEF, UNICEF, and the Latin American Organization of Youth. We believe that this initiative will help to extend the educative message of the annual campaign, Youth World Contraceptive Day,” explains Erika Bernal, Regional Director of Marketing Women’s Contraception, Bayer. “As a leader in contraception and feminine health, Bayer supports this program as a part of its commitment to bring resources to Latin American youth that allow them to decide how to lead their sexual life in a responsible manner and learn from other youths’ experiences.”

“MySpace is a portal social leader on the Internet where youth create their own content.  Initiatives like this are of great importance for us because they make the content heard and it takes into account thousands of people from all around the world, like now. We are especially proud of this initiative because we are allowing the users to express their opinions on topics that are very important to them and it is our small part in helping to promote social topics,” explains Victor Kong, VP and Managing Director of MySpace Latin America.

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