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Neglected Tropical Diseases

In the Western Hemisphere, neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), such as Chagas disease, dengue, and hookworm, often affect those of low socio-economic status who lack access to treatment. Millions in the region suffer from the effects of NTDs, which may lead to complications such as anemia, blindness, impaired cognitive development, and potentially even death.


PAHEF is committed to combating NTDs in the region and alleviating the suffering they cause. Our work to fight NTDs includes:


Fundación Maria: To improve maternal-child health in the rural region of Olancho in Honduras through a three-year baseline pilot study that includes the integration of programs to control soil-transmitted helminthes to two other programs. This grant was made from the Fund from the People of Taiwan. ($44,000)


Onchocerciasis Program (Mectizan): In partnership with Merck Inc., PAHEF donated Mectizan tablets to various health institutions throughout Latin America to treat river blindness. (market value: $51,000,000)




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A Sample of Recent PAHEF Projects in the Region