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Bioethics is an emerging discipline in health with moral implications extending to highly diverse areas. Its' principles seek to humanize and mediate the headlong advance of science, technology and global development based on the interaction and dialogue between experts and lay people.

Bioethics and human rights, important dimensions of biomedical humanities, have become an aspect of critical importance in the biomedical and social sciences, health care, and public health. In May 1994, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) created a regional program in bioethics to meet the demands of the member states for open discussion of many areas that are a continuing source of debate, such as justice and equity in the allocation of health resources, and patients' rights, among others.

In 2002, to stimulate young scholars in the development of their capacities for bioethical analysis, the Secretary of Health in Mexico and the Pan American Health and Education Foundation in cooperation with PAHO created this award to honor Dr. Manuel Velasco Suárez.

It is one of the awards presented by the Pan American Health and Education Foundation through its Awards for Excellence in Inter-American Public Health Program, a partnership between the Foundation and PAHO.

A distinguished jury of specialists reviews the candidate's proposed work in bioethics, and recommends a proposal to the board of trustees of the Foundation for final selection.

The award consists of a grant of up to US$10,000 to perform the scholarly activities outlined in the project proposal, a certificate of honor, a symbolic representation of the award, and a medal given by the Velasco Suárez family. The awardee is invited to attend the PAHO Directing Council Meeting and will be a guest of honor at PAHO/PAHEF’s awards program event in Washington, DC. The awardee will be able to address ministers of health of the hemisphere, their delegations, and invited guests of PAHO at Directing Council with a speech related to the topic of his or her proposal.

loterianacionalDr. Velasco Suárez's legacy continues

In April 2005, Dr. Velasco Suárez received posthumous recognition from the National Lottery for Public Assistance of Mexico for his lifetime efforts. His image is portrayed on its World Health Day-focused ticket.

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"It is our responsibility as health workers to respect human rights and to regard a person's dignity as foremost in the practice of our profession in order to impart quality to life—from its miraculous dawn to its sunset." — Manuel Velasco Suárez, M.D., F.A.C.S.
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