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Excellence in medical/public health research and in writing the research findings is among the most important factors in promoting health in the Americas. Current information on health situations, trends, diseases, treatment, and delivery systems are critical for use in planning, executing, and evaluating policies and programs of public health.

The Fred L. Soper Award for Excellence in Public Health Literature, created in 1990, is one of the awards presented by the Pan American Health and Education Foundation through its Awards for Excellence in Inter-American Public Health Program, a joint partnership between PAHEF and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

To recognize significant contributions to the body of health literature in Latin America and the Caribbean, PAHEF established the Fred L. Soper Award to promote the highest standards of research, specifically research that emphasizes regional impact in Latin America and the Caribbean.

A distinguished jury of public health professionals reviews nominations and recommends a candidate to the board of trustees of PAHEF for final selection.

The award consists of a cash prize, a certificate of honor, and a symbolic representation of the award. The awardee is invited to attend the annual meeting of the PAHO Directing Council and will be a guest of honor at PAHO/PAHEF’s awards program event in Washington, DC.

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"Only through a regional organization, with a trusted international staff, is it possible to develop a free interchange of information and harmonious action in attacking common problems... As satisfactory eradication techniques become available for the solution of an increasing number of problems, the importance of regional action must increase rather than diminish." — Fred L. Soper, M.D. D.r.PH., Remarks at the First World Health Assembly, 1948.

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