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Help health professionals and patients alike learn about the present and future impact of biotechnology on human health as well as its importance for Latin American societies by donating to the Safe Biotech Educational Fund. Your donation will support education initiatives to advance understanding of biotechnology and how it improves lives in the Americas.

About Biotechnology Education in the Americas

Educating health professionals and patients is an important component of PAHEF’s commitment to addressing health education in the Americas.

As part of that promise, PAHEF is embarking on an educational campaign about biotech medicines in the region. Unlike traditional chemical-based medicines, biotechnological medications are based on living systems that have been developed via biotechnology. For example, insulin injections used by diabetics commonly come from biotech sources.

Because biotech medicines are derived from living sources, special attention needs to be paid to educating health professionals and patients about their benefits and uses. Also, as these medicines are introduced in the region, it will be necessary to address policy and societal issues that will arise as a result.


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