Childhood Obesity & Nutrition


Rates of childhood obesity have climbed dramatically throughout Latin America and the Caribbean in recent years. In countries where children once did not have enough to eat, children are now becoming obese and experiencing a host of resulting health issues. Breathing problems, diabetes, and high cholesterol are just some of the problems that young people who are obese may develop.


To help curb this trend, PAHEF has supported research projects and initiatives to teach healthy eating habits, promote good nutrition, and encourage physical activity.


Fundación del Hospital de los Niños de la Plata, Commission of Scientific Research of the Minister of Health, Buenos Aires: In partnership with the Food Assistance Programs, to evaluate integrated nutritional programs and community interventions to prevent children from becoming overweight and/or obese. ($39,840)


Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology, University of Chile: To conduct a feasibility study on whether a preschool welfare program can be adapted to ensure the healthy growth of and long-term health for its preschoolers. ($49,960)


Epidemiology Research Unit, University of the West Indies: To design the Jamaican School and Home-Based Nutrition Intervention Pilot Project with the Northeast Regional Health Authority and the ministries of health, education, and agriculture of Jamaica. ($40,000)

INMED Partnerships for Children (USA) and INMED Caribbean: To develop a replicable, culturally-appropriate integrated pilot program (Lyrics for Life) in two schools in Trenchtown, Kingston, Jamaica, among 1,000 students, ages 7 – 11 years, their teachers, and families to reduce obesity and form a solid foundation for future healthy lifestyles. ($25,000)


Center for the Adolescents of San Miguel de Allende A.C.: To design and implement the I Choose Healthy Project consisting of interactive tools and educational initiatives to encourage healthy eating and exercise to reduce the incidence of obesity among teens in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. ($39,740)

National Institute of Public Health: To examine the links between policy, the legal framework of Mexico, and an obesogenic-built environment to create legal and policy frameworks that contribute to the prevention of childhood obesity. ($20,000)

National Institute of Public Health: To link teachers to information about prevention of childhood obesity through a Web site. ($28,000)


University of West Indies: To develop and evaluate a collaborative model addressing nutrition and healthy lifestyles to be incorporated in the national school curriculum. ($50,000)



A Sample of Recent PAHEF Projects in the Region