PAHEF Success Stories

PAHEF addresses key health, education, and training priorities in the Americas by supporting public health projects that create measurable impact.

Throughout the last 10 years, PAHEF has invested more than $60 million dollars in projects to advance public health in the region. These initiatives have addressed a spectrum of health priorities from neglected tropical diseases to healthcare-acquired infections to chronic diseases and nearly everything in-between. 

As project administrators and experts on health issues in the Americas, PAHEF plays a unique role in improving public health throughout the Hemisphere. 

Learn more by reading our success stories below. 

Childhood Obesity & Nutrition

Lyrics for Life

Improving Preschool Nutrition in Chile

Breastfeeding in Bolivia

Oportunidades in Mexico

Health Education

Physicians in Geriatrics

Biomedical Waste Management

Neglected Tropical Diseases

Malaria Treatment

River Blindness

Lymphatic Filariasis

Health of the Hupd’äh Indigenous People in Brazil 

Infection Control

Keeping Patients Healthier by Reducing Health Care-Associated Infections in Bolivia

Infection Control in Entre Rios, Argentina

Indigenous Health

Cervical Cancer

Maternity Waiting Homes

UV Radiation Protection

Severe Psychiatric Disorders


Global Violence

A Sample of Recent PAHEF Projects in the Region