Infection Control in Entre Rios, Argentina

As part of its efforts to bring improved infection control in health facilities in the Americas, the Pan American Health and Education Foundation supported the project entitled "Strategies to Prevent and Control the Emergency of Health-Care Acquired Infections in Regional Hospitals" implemented by the School of Health Sciences, Adventist University of the Plata in Argentina. This project worked to integrate the microbiology lab with infection control in public and private hospitals in Entre Rios province. Also the project aimed to increase awareness of infection control for medical and nursing students at Adventist University of the Plate and for health personnel and patients in the hospitals of Entre Rios province.

University faculty and staff wrote and used the manual Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology for health care workers. Project staff recommended that the hospitals integrate surveillance data on health care-acquired infections into their overall plan to prevent and contain these infections.

During the study period, staff found increased compliance in infection control practices, such as:

Sinks stocked with soap, towels, and trash cans rose from 25% to 95% compliance during the study period.

Sterilization equipment in good working order increased from 0% to 75%.

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