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“Our goal must be a world in which good health is a pillar of individual well-being, national progress, and international stability and peace. This cannot be achieved without partnerships involving governments, international organizations, the business community, and civil society.”

— Kofi A. Annan, ex-Secretary-General of the United Nations

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Advised Funds

Individual or Family
If you are an individual or family considering how you can best combine your personal charitable and estate planning goals with an effective grant-making program and are interested in health in the Americas, PAHEF can be the answer.
Organization, Corporation or Unincorporated Alliance
If you are an organization, corporation or unincorporated alliance of non-profit organizations seeking to donate and/or raise funds for targeted health programs in the Americas, PAHEF may be able to establish a fund to support your interests.

PAHEF Specifics

PAHEF is a public philanthropic organization with the vision and skills to productively build bridges between the people who require aid and those who are in a position to give it for the good of the community at large.

Our "community" is the region of the Americas.

Our focus is improving the health of the people.

How We Can Work Together

Combining our results-oriented management expertise with a network of world-class technical partner organizations, the Foundation matches visionary donors with public health "doers" who are working in barrios, rural clinics, urban health settings, universities, and communities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

What We Offer

The Foundation offers donors:

  • Flexibility. Donors can create individualized giving programs. The possible forms and timing of gifts to the Foundationís current funds or endowment are flexible enough to meet a variety of tax and estate planning objectives.
  • Professional Funds Management and Administration. Funds are prudently managed by outside money managers whose performance is monitored by an Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees. Because funds are pooled for investment, donors have the advantages of diversification and reduced risk.
  • Recognition or Anonymity. For those who wish it, grants can be made in their name in recognition of the donorís caring and concern.
  • Professional Grant-Making Staff. The staff and Board of the Pan American Health and Education Foundation are knowledgeable about health needs and opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean. Donors can be assured that their charitable giving is targeted to the needs of the countries and communities they designate and that the use of grant funds is monitored.
  • Tax Savings. The Pan American Health and Education Foundation is classified under US federal tax laws as a public charity. This has favorable tax consequences for income, capital gains, and gift and estate tax purposes.
  • Accountability. The Pan American Health and Education Foundation makes a full accounting to the donors of the use of their grant funds and provides financial statements certified by independent auditors.

The Pan American Health and Education Foundation communicates directly with donors to acknowledge their gifts, provide proper tax-related documentation as needed, and provide donors with information on the progress of programs supported with their funds. Donors may be recognized in the Foundationís reports and on its website.

Types of Funds Available at the Pan American Health and Education Foundation

You may establish a fund in your name, in the name of a loved one you wish to memorialize, or in the name of a cause you wish to promote.

Unrestricted Funds provide flexibility to respond to changing health needs. Donors who wish to establish an unrestricted fund in life or by bequest are assured that the gift will serve priority needs and provide the Pan American Health and Education Foundation with the ability to respond to changing needs and priorities.

Special Interest Funds serve donors who wish to rely on the expertise of the Foundation to determine the most effective use of their fund to address problems in a particular area of interest or to support a particular geographic area. Donors can create a separate special interest fund or support one which already exists. The following are examples of special interest funds currently managed:

  • Tropical Disease Treatment and Elimination
  • Disaster Recovery
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment
  • Safe Motherhood
  • The Health of Indigenous Communities

Donor-Advised Funds serve donors who wish to participate more actively in the grant-making process. In establishing a donor-advised fund, the donor retains the right to serve as an advisor, submitting grant recommendations for consideration by the Foundationís Board of Trustees. These recommendations will be researched by PAHEF, and the Board will make the final determination regarding charitable distribution.

A donor-advised fund gives the benefit of an immediate charitable deduction at the time that the gift is made, while allowing unlimited time to consider which charitable activities to support. The fund may be established on a cash basis or it may be endowed and may be added to at any time.

A family can also benefit from the creation of a donor-advised fund by involving younger generations of family members in the advisory a committee to learn about philanthropy and making charitable choices.

Designated Funds may be established to benefit a specific charitable organization or purpose and can serve the needs of individuals, organizations or of an un-incorporated alliance of service organizations that provide broader services than any one organization could provide and wish to appeal to donors as a collective.

Grants are made accordingly. The fund may be established on a current gift basis or it may be endowed. It may have single or multiple donors. Please consider joining your philanthropic goals with those of PAHEF, to make the vision of a healthy future a reality for all of the people of the Americas.

For more information about how you can establish or contribute to a fund that expresses your charitable intentions, please contact the Executive Director at 202-974-3416 or by sending an email to: .