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In the mid 1980s, committed Ecuadorian physicians and civic leaders founded the charitable foundation, the Metrofraternidad Foundation (Fundación Metrofraternidad, FMF in Spanish).

FMF's purpose is to bring — with respect and dignity — sustainable, affordable, high quality basic preventive and clinical health services to indigenous people, informal sector workers, and low-wage formal sector workers in the periurban communities of Quito, Ecuador. Upon receiving an endowment in the form of shares in the state-of-the-art Metropolitan Hospital/Hospital Metropolitano, FMF expanded its range of health services to the provision of complex medical and surgical care.

Today, FMF has created a partnership fund within the Pan American Health and Education Foundation (PAHEF) to sustain and expand its basic and vital health services for the most needy. The Fund to Aid Patients of “Fundación Metrofraternidad” supports FMF’s mission in providing high quality health care to indigent patients seeking this help, and PAHEF’s mission to help improve the health of the people of the Americas.

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How You Can Help

The FMF offers a mix of preventive and curative services including pediatrics, gynecology, family medicine, dentistry, and selected laboratory and pharmacy services. It also provides training in preventive health to families. Goals include reduction of the high prevalence and incidence of acute respiratory infections, malnutrition and diarrheal disease, and development and strengthening of current programs, such as Healthy Child, Heart Foundation, and Foundation for the Blind.

The first project for which funds are being raised is the Solidarity Health Fund, a project to assure that the neediest clients in Ecuador have access to complex services. Please make your gift today to improve the health of impoverished families in need!


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