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“Our goal must be a world in which good health is a pillar of individual well-being, national progress, and international stability and peace. This cannot be achieved without partnerships involving governments, international organizations, the business community, and civil society.”

— Kofi A. Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations

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Fundación Metrofraternidad (FMF) has created the Solidarity Health Fund (SHF) to benefit the most-economically disadvantaged patients, in the metropolitan area of Quito, during health emergencies.

The SHF has two main objectives:

  • to provide medicines and care to save the lives of 100 low-income patients suffering complex medical problems who require urgent medical care, and
  • to implement a fundraising system to ensure long-term sustainability of the SHF.

The fund raising goal for the first year (October 2005 –September 2006) is US $485,000. More than 84% of the monies raised will go directly to support patient care.

Solidarity Fund_picture 3

The creation of the SHF will strengthen an existing network of more than 35 social aid and medical institutions and will formalize the services that FMF currently provides to patients including medical and laboratory exams, special medical services, access to the professional medical suite, post-operative care, and follow-up treatment. This informal network, coordinated by Fundación Patronato Municipal San Jose and Fundación Reina de Quito, will make certain that only the poorest patients in need of urgent medical care receive referrals to the SHF.

FMF’s main partner is the Hospital Metropolitano, one of the country's most prestigious hospitals because of its high professional standards, quality medical care and state-of-the-art technology. Other important partners that have joined this project include World Vision, Children International, INNFA, the Ecuadorian Red Cross, the Lions Club, Fundación Corazón, Fundación Corazón and multiple area hospitals, institutes and pharmacies (please see complete listing below). All of these organizations work with underprivileged people facing serious health risks and provide direct services to FMF patients.

solidarity fund 2

The FMF proposes to provide complex medical services at the level of US $1,285,000 per year for approximately 100 clients and other needy individuals referred to it by the broad participating network. Services could include organ transplants, cardiovascular surgery, cancer treatment, scoliosis care, for example.

Of this annual service expenditure, the Metropolitan Hospital will donate US $400,000 and affiliated doctors and health service professionals will donate an additional US $400,000 in services. These firm commitments of Gifts-in-Kind will be augmented by the generosity of philanthropic donors. Fund raising efforts will be undertaken in the United States, primarily but not exclusively, within the Ecuadorian-American community. It is hoped that individuals, corporations, NGOs and other civil society organizations will support the efforts of the FMF to provide first-class medical services to Quito’s poor by contributing some US $485,000 annually.

It is proposed that the FMF will request disbursal of monies from the Solidarity Health Fund, housed at the Pan American Health and Educations Foundation (PAHEF), on a quarterly basis — US $120,000 per tranche, if the expected fund raising goals are reached. All expenses and services provided by FMF will be fully documented prior to the release of the next tranche of monies.

The SHF is a revolving fund and gifts to it are tax-deductible within the regulations of the Internal Revenue Service of the United States. All funds received by PAHEF are under the fiduciary control of its Board of Trustees .

Please help the poorest of the poor in Ecuador obtain the emergency medical care they desperately need, by making a gift today!


Social aid institutions:
- Fundación Patronato San Jose
- Fundación Reina de Quito
- Metrofraternidad
- Fundación Hermano Miguel
- Fundación Vista para Todos
- Fundación Vista para Ciegos
- Fundación ABEI
- Fundación Corazón
- Ecuadorian Red Cross
- Caritas
- Lions Club

Medical Institutions:
- Hospital Metropolitano
- Solca
- Hospital Comunitario San Jose Obrero
- Hospital Enrique Garcés
- Hospital Eugenio Espejo
- Hospital del Sur
- Hospital Baca Ortiz
- Unidad de Salud del Norte y del Sur Municipality of Quito
- Hospital Vozandes
- Centro Cardiovascular Pichincha
- Clínica Adventista
- Instituto de Nefrología
- Instituto Radiológico Harvard
- Fybeca
- Econofarm
- Farmacia Institucional Enrique Garcés
- Ormedic
- Máxima Medical
- Bancology
- Cemedcom
- Trauma Orthopedics
- Baxter
- Traumamed

Plus other institutions that support patients by granting discounts, special prices and donations.