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You can help children who are needlessly suffering.

It is hard to comprehend that 2 billion people worldwide — mostly children and pregnant women — are needlessly suffering from intestinal worms, a debilitating disease of poverty that spreads most rapidly in people living in poor, unsanitary conditions. These parasites generate serious health and developmental problems that are easily treatable. The problem continues to escalate and is one of the most persistent health problems today.

Children suffer from malnutrition, anemia, stunted growth, and mental retardation. They often become so weak they cannot even go to school. In adults, worm infections cripple work productivity and their ability to provide for their families, creating an enormous economic burden on affected communities.

The Foundation is partnering with the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization and with the World Food Program to fight this problem, as worms consume a considerable percentage of generously donated food to poor communities.

Medicines to treat intestinal worm infections are not just available, but low cost. The medication to treat one child costs only pennies, can be administered easily and effectively through existing school feeding and other community programs, and only two treatments per year are needed to significantly reduce resulting illnesses. Learn more about our Wormbusters Campaign by clicking here.

You can help children thrive and give them a chance to lead healthier, more productive lives. Proven cost-effective treatment is within reach!


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