“Our goal must be a world in which good health is a pillar of individual well-being, national progress, and international stability and peace. This cannot be achieved without partnerships involving governments, international organizations, the business community, and civil society.”

Kofi A. Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations

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You can help! Your gift will help save lives, prevent disease and create a healthy future for millions of children and families.

Please select a fund from the Area of Greatest Need, Critical Initiatives, Priority Programs or Partnership Funds from the list below.

Area of Greatest Need

Unrestricted Fund:
Your unrestricted gift helps ensure the support of priority health needs in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Foundation works across diverse areas of health and health education - from infectious diseases to children and women's health, the health of indigenous peoples, blood safety, infection control, violence, and nutrition to provide vaccination programs, eradicate diseases such as intestinal worms and river blindness, train local health practitioners, and assist in disaster recovery efforts.

Critical Initiatives

Children's Health:
You can save lives. Today 1,000 children died in Latin America and the Caribbean. And thousands more were stricken with diseases --- many of them avoidable like malaria, acute respiratory infections, and vaccine-preventable diseases. Proven, cost-effective measures exist to reduce childhood death and illnesses. Our Child Survival Campaign needs your support now.

Worm Busters Campaign:
Intestinal parasites infect nearly two billion children and pregnant women worldwide, causing severe and often permanent impairment. Tropical climates and poor sanitation aid transmission. Your financial assistance will help deliver a safe, cheap, and effective cure. Deworming programs rapidly bring real benefit to millions suffering disability, stigma, poverty, and ill health.

Indigenous People's Fund:
The multicultural and multilingual indigenous populations in the Americas face tremendous adversity and challenges, and social, cultural, and spiritual factors continue to result in significant health inequities. The poorest and most disadvantaged populations have poor access to needed services, and proven health approaches are often not cultually sensitive and thus fail in these communities. Working with NGOs in the countries, PAHEF is providing health education in native languages and helping health care providers to learn how to overcome barriers to health care. Your gift can help make these inequities history.

Infection Control:
In Latin America, 90% of hospitals lack infection control programs even though hospital-acquired infections are a major cause of death and disease among hospitalized patients. And the rates of these infections in developing countries tend to be twice as high as those in developed countries. Help prevent death and disability caused by nosocomial infections. Support the development of teaching tools in nursing and medical schools and the development and implementation of proper hospital procedures.

Priority Programs

Blood Safety in the Americas:
Blood is vital to life. When a transfusion is required, it is imperative for safe, tested blood to be available in sufficient quantity. You can help improve the quality and availability of the blood supply in the Americas by supporting the Regional Blood Safety initiative led by the Pan American Health Organization and ascribed to by every member country.

Friends of Bolivia Fund:
At the forefront of the development challenges that Bolivia faces today is health. Child and maternal mortality, lack of reproductive health services, infection control, and chronic and tropical diseases are serious threats to a healthy nation. Specific projects are underway to reduce death and disease. With your gift, you can help Bolivians lead healthier, more productive lives.

Global Violence Prevention Advocacy:
Violence devastates children, families, communities, and societies worldwide, and is most devastating in poor countries. Violence is a leading cause of death for people aged 15-44. With your financial assistance, this coalition of organizations can heighten government and public awareness and work to end the abuse.

Women's Health Fund:
Women have special health needs. They may require treatment for: pregnancy-related complications; treatment for breast, ovarian and cervical cancer; osteoporosis; and gender-related heart attack symptoms. The good thing is that most of these problems are preventable or controllable. Your support is needed to help save lives and prevent diseases in women throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Partnership Funds

ASM/Asia Tsunami Relief & Recovery Fund:
Following the tsunami that ripped through South Asia in December 2004, the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) saw a need to help rebuild and restock clinical laboratories, which are critical to the long-term health and well-being of the people in the devastated areas. The first project has been launched in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Your gift to this ASM-PAHEF partnership fund will aid the rebuilding effort.

Eduardo R. Mendez Memorial Fund:
This memorial fund was established to improve nutrition, nutrition education, and food science in Mexico. Launched by friends and colleagues of the late Eduardo R. Mendez and the Foundation, the fund also honors his extraordinary life and work.

Fundación Metrofraternidad (FMF) Patient Fund:
Your support for this partnership fund between FMF in Ecuador and the Foundation helps to expand FMF's high quality and affordable basic health services to include comprehensive care for the most needy in the metropolitan area of the capital city, Quito. Disadvantaged children and families can also receive urgent surgical treatments.

WHO/Asia Tsunami Health Relief & Recovery Fund:
The unprecedented Asia tsunami may no longer make newspaper headlines, but the long-term needs in this devastated area are tremendous. Through this unique partnership fund between the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Foundation, you can directly support the health and humanitarian recovery efforts of WHO to provide psychosocial and mental health assistance to this traumatized population. Your gift is vital to rebuilding this overwhelmed region.

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