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“Patients don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Dr. Antonia Novello, Commissioner of Health for the State of New York. U.S. Surgeon General (1990-1993)

International Awards

The Pedro N. Acha Award
for Veterinary Public Health

Guidelines & Form

The 2005 Call for Nominations is closed.

Through 29 April 2005, the Foundation invites the deans or directors of Latin American and Caribbean schools of veterinary medicine and animal sciences to nominate an undergraduate student (a bachelor's degree or Licenciatura) who has prepared a scientific paper or an undergraduate research thesis within the veterinary public health field. The research thesis should cover zoonoses, food protection, animal health and production, development of biomedical models (animal research models or in vitro substitutes), animal husbandry (zootechnics), biology, food animal technology, or environmental protection related to livestock or other domesticated animals. The research paper/thesis must have been written within the last three years. The maximum number of research papers that will be accepted for nomination from any one school is three.

To be considered, the nomination must be completed in its entirety.

To make a nomination, please submit a letter of introduction (no longer than one page) on official letterhead, a clearly readable copy of the nominated research paper (the paper will not be returned), and a completed and signed nomination form to the PAHO/WHO Country Office of the nominee (See list). The nomination package (letter, research paper, & nomination form) needs to be addressed to the attention of the PAHO/WHO Country Representative (PWR). The letter must include the name of the undergraduate student whose paper is being nominated and the name and title of the student's advisor; it must also be signed by the dean or director of the school of veterinary medicine and animal sciences in Latin America or the Caribbean. If the nomination package is submitted electronically, the letter and nomination form must have an electronic signature. Any unsigned documents will not be considered.

PAHO/WHO staff members in active service, sitting members of the Foundation's Board of Trustees, and members of the Pedro Acha Award Jury are ineligible to receive the award.

Submitted items other than the letter, the nominated research paper, and the completed and signed application form will not be considered by the jury. Nominations must be received no later than 29 April 2005. Nominations received at PAHO/WHO office in the country of the nominee after this date will not be accepted.

Download the 2005 Nomination Form (PDF)

Download the 2005 Nomination Form