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“We know how to eliminate many childhood diseases and improve nutrition. The problem is reaching those who are in need, which is often a matter of money. The Foundation is expert at putting money to work where itís most needed..”

Dr. Malden Nesheim, PAHEF Trustee; Provost Emeritus, Cornell University in New York

International Awards

The Fred L. Soper Award
for Excellence in Health Literature

Guidelines & Form

Through 30 June 2005, the Foundation is accepting nominations for the Soper Award. Only articles published in scientific journals listed in the Index Medicus or in official PAHO journals are eligible for consideration. Preference is given to studies involving more than one discipline and to papers related to infectious disease, a life-long concern of Dr. Soper. Review papers are eligible if their conclusions deal directly with policy primarily affecting Latin America or the Caribbean.

The Award is limited to contributions by authors whose principal affiliation is with teaching, research or service institutions located in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

PAHO/WHO staff members in active service, sitting members of the Foundation's board of trustees, and members of the Fred L. Soper Award Jury are ineligible to receive the award.

To be considered, the nomination must be completed in its entirety.

To make a nomination, please submit and address to the Fred L. Soper Award Jury a letter of introduction (no longer than one page) on official letterhead, a clearly readable copy of the nominated article (the article will not be returned), proof that the article appeared in a journal and was cited in the 2004 Index Medicus, and a completed nomination form. The letter and completed nomination form must be signed and in English or Spanish. If the nomination package is submitted electronically, the letter and nomination form must have an electronic signature. Any unsigned documents will not be considered.

Submitted items other than the letter, completed and signed nomination form, proof article is in the Index Medicus, and nominated article will not be considered by the jury. Nominations must be received no later than 30 June 2005. Nominations received after this date will not be accepted.

Download the 2005 Nomination Form (PDF)
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Download the 2005 Nomination Form
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