“Partnering with the Pan American Health and Education Foundation makes it possible for us to accomplish our philanthropic goals in ways that are much more efficient and cost-effective than direct cross-border grant making.”

Ms. Nancy Frees, Managing Director of the Frees Foundation, Houston, Texas

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Improving Blood Safety in the Americas

You can help millions of people who need blood each year

Blood is our lifeline. When you donate blood, you give the precious gift of life to another person. Blood is needed every day by mothers and children who experience complications during childbirth, by surgery patients, by victims of accidents and violence, and by many others. Blood cannot be manufactured.

Many of us will need blood during our lifetimes. And it is imperative that this blood be safe. But, in Latin America and the Caribbean, thousands of blood recipients receive contaminated blood that causes diseases including hepatitis B and C, HIV, Chagas disease, syphilis, and others. And these diseases often exacerbate other pre-existing health conditions.

Along with our partner, the Pan American Health Organization, the Foundation helped launch a regional blood safety initiative in 2000 that introduced significant improvements in the safety of the blood supply. However, much remains to be done. The next important steps aim to achieve greater quality and availability of blood to assure that every person who needs a transfusion can receive one and can count on the blood being free of life-threatening diseases.

Your support will help to:
  • Recruit healthy voluntary blood donors through an intensive public awareness campaign
  • Quantify the need for blood in each country
  • Establish national quality control programs among all blood banks in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Train blood technicians and clinical leaders in proper techniques for blood screening and handling
  • Provide testing kits to blood banks

Many people still need your assistance to receive the gift of life.