“As a young student, I benefited personally from the Foundation’s support of medical education programs. Today, I take my role as an educator just as seriously as my work as a physician.”

Dr. Luis Jáuregui, PAHEF Trustee; Associate Director of Education for Internal Medicine & Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases, St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center, Toledo, Ohio

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What Your Money Buys

Private contributions enable us to provide medicines & supplies, fight disease, and improve health care services in Latin America and the Caribbean Region. PAHEF welcomes donations of all sizes.

But what specifically does my Worm Busters! gift provide?

The answers may surprise you…Even a small contribution helps save lives by bringing care to those who most urgently need it.

Your Gift What It Can Provide
$500 A microscope to diagnose intestinal parasites.
$250 Five Kato-Katz kits for the laboratory diagnosis of intestinal worms in 400 children -- the typical size of school in Latin America and the Caribbean.
$100 100 posters or calendars to put in schools and homes to educate schoolchildren and their families about preventing worm infections. These colorful materials motivate communities to correct the conditions that cause recurring infections.
$50 Treatment for 1,000 school children to rid them of the pain and disability of schistosomiasis, which is caused by water-borne worms.
$25 A desktop tally/register to count helminth eggs used by diagnostic medical laboratories that help determine the seriousness of a child’s worm infection.
$15 Deworming tablets -- enough to free 750 schoolchildren of soil-transmitted worms, enabling them to attend school regularly and grow normally.

Photo Top Right: Worms have caused severe malnutrition in young Carmelo Castro.