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For more than 40 years, PALTEX (The Expanded Textbook and Instructional Materials Program), a joint technical cooperation program of the Pan American Health and Education Foundation and the Pan American Health Organization, has provided more than 6 million books and instruments to students and health professionals (physicians, nurses, dentists, nutritionists, veterinary doctors, etc.) at 509 institutions in 19 Latin American and Caribbean countries.

PHOTO: Signing of the contract for the first textbook program loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB). February 5, 1971. Left to right: PAHEF Board President and a PAHEF founder, Prof. Abel Wohlman; Founder and First President of the IADB, Mr. Felipe Herrera; PAHEF President and former PAHO Director, Dr. Abraham Horwitz.

In addition to textbooks for professionals, PALTEX now publishes and distributes affordable manuals and other materials focused on the needs of health service personnel at all levels of the health system that are available for Spanish-speaking people in member countries. If interested, please contact us.

PALTEX display its textbooks, manuals, and medical equipment at conferences, workshops, book fairs, and other like events throughout Latin America.

67th annual meeting of the US Mexico Border Health Association, June 3 - 5, 2009 in El Paso, TX

A broad range of instructional materials is currently available through PALTEX. Given PAHO's current program of work and strategic orientation, PALTEX emphasizes public health, specifically primary health care.

Its Serie PALTEX para Tecnicos Medios y Auxiliares consists of practical manuals for front-line health workers in the areas of acute respiratory illness, care of mothers and infants, community health education, principles of epidemiology for disease control, basic laboratory techniques, and many others. Serie PALTEX para Ejecutores de Programas de Salud is a collection of manuals for in-service professionals responsible for project planning and execution covering social aspects of health and planning of community health programs. Areas include community health research methodology; design and execution of community control programs in hypertension, diabetes, diarrheal disease, uterine cancer, HIV disease; child growth and development; adolescent medicine; and special aspects of epidemiology in primary health care. The program also publishes PALTEX Salud y Sociedad 2000 , which covers the relationship between social realities and the health status of the population.

Given the progress in technology and commitment to teaching institutions, PALTEX is developing "E-PALTEX" as a means to offer electronic books, electronic libraries, hypertexts, and low-cost computers for students and health professionals of limited economic resources.

For more information about how to buy the books please click here to access the PALTEX Catalog online.

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