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National Institute of Public Health, Oportunidades Program in Mexico

PAHEF responded to the need for increased use of a fortified food supplement among children less than five years old in the State of Guerrero brought to our attention by the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) in Mexico.

The supplement, Nutrisano, is fortified with hydrogen-reduced iron, zinc, and other micronutrients. NIPH focused on infants and young children of the Mixteco indigenous population who live in extreme poverty in Guerrero.

Equipped with the knowledge of cultural, structural, and communication barriers to correct Nutrisano use, Oportunidades staff designed a culturally-sensitive communication for behavior change strategy to reach mothers with information on Nutrisano benefits for child health.

In May 2007, Oportunidades leaders met with officials of the Ministry of Health to share the results of the formative research and the design of the communication for behavior change strategy and to discuss implementation of the strategy in the two Mixteco communities. The PAHEF-supported project ended in 2007.  


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