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“Our goal must be a world in which good health is a pillar of individual well-being, national progress, and international stability and peace. This cannot be achieved without partnerships involving governments, international organizations, the business community, and civil society.”

— Kofi A. Annan, ex-Secretary-General of the United Nations

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Latino Salsa Star Calls for End to Domestic Violence: Fund Established

The Pan American Health and Education Foundation (PAHEF) has launched a fund to support initiatives in the Americas working to end domestic violence. The foundation has joined the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and singing sensation, Jerry Rivera , PAHO “Champion of Health”, in raising awareness about and ending domestic violence in the Americas.

Jerry Rivera Violence against women, girls, and boys occurs regularly in 20% to 60% of households in the region of the Americas . We say, “Domestic violence is unacceptable! Enough!” Jerry Rivera agrees, and says that violence against women “is a punishment to all of us.” Through a song about domestic violence composed by Jerry and his sister Saned, he appeals to his fans to “put an end to this injustice.”

Victims of domestic violence and their families need your help now. Some of the ways your gift may help include:

·Setting up shelters for battered women and their families where they can go to escape further abuse.

·Developing outreach initiatives to perpetrators to achieve sustained behavior change and thereby preventing future violence against women.

·Supporting women’s self-help groups where they empower each other to avoid future violence against them and their children.

·Designing and developing results-driven domestic abuse programs based on data collection and analysis from hospitals, police, medical examiners, and other sources.

Join us in helping to end the scourge of domestic violence in the Americas!

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